For the sake of efficiency, I have included a list and description of all of my skills. I am available for hire if you require any of the following skills. My usual rate for anything is $50/hour but there are some exceptions. Feel free to contact me about custom consulting and work.

Software Engineering Skills

PHP - Expert - I have been developing with the PHP language for {since 2007} years and maintain an expert level of skill. PHP is an advanced web programming language capable of maintaining modern and powerful sites.

HTML/CSS - Expert - I have been developing frontend websites with HTML and CSS for just as long as PHP. HTML and CSS are the languages used to describe how a web application looks, whereas PHP describes how it behaves.

Javascript/Jquery - Expert - Modern web standards use a client side language called Javascript to create animation and other advanced features. I use Javascript in every site I design to provide a modern user experience.

SQL/MySQL - Expert - Useful and feature rich web applications require the use of some sort of database. SQL is the standard database administration language. Database administration is a skillset all its own and requires a considerable amount of training to be done correctly.

Computer Science Skills

As a programmer, my time spent in front of a computer has led me to proficiency in many advanced software applications.

Microsoft Applications and Operating Systems - Expert - From XP to 10 I have been a long time Microsoft user. I am an expert in most things Microsoft including Operating Systems and Office Applications.

Linux Applications and Operating Systems - Intermediate - I prefer to use Linux systems for my servers as it is faster and more stable than most other platforms. I know my way around Linux but by no means am I an expert.

SketchUp - Intermediate - 3D modeling is a bit of a hobby of mine but, I'm starting to get pretty good at it. My interest in 3D printing and CAD have led me to SketchUp. I can design anything from buildings and structures to machines and 3D logos.

Image and Graphics - Intermediate - I have a solid understanding of image and graphic manipulation and creation. Though not my strongest skill, it is still far from my weakest.

Trade Crafts

Bicycle Mechanics - Expert/Professional - It is totally my day job yes, but I am damn proud of my career as a bicycle mechanic. I am extremely skilled and knowledgeable at all things bicycle related.

Wood Craft - Intermediate - Another hobby, I have been known to create all sorts of things out of wood. From small boxes to book shelves and entertainment centers to recurve long bows, I do it all.

Plumbing - Expert, Non-professional - A responsibility I lucked into growing up, plumbing has always made sense to me. I have installed and replaced everything from hot water heaters to toilets and main drains to vents.

Automotive Mechanics - Intermediate - Not my favorite job to do but, I have replaced engines and transmissions, engine parts, body parts, interior parts, electronics and lights. I have even helped in a few custom hot-rod and off road truck builds.

Residential Construction - Intermediate to Expert - Along with plumbing and wood craft, I am skilled at most residential construction tasks. I have done tile and masonry, carpentry, roofing, painting, drywall, flooring and electrical work. I have installed countless light fixtures, ceiling fans and electrical outlets.

Artistic Skills

Some of my skills do not have immediate practical values, which is exactly why I do them. My artistic skills are not always marketable but I put them here to better round out my character.

Percussion - I have been playing the drums for the better part of a decade. I do it mostly as a stress reliever but I have been know to play with other musicians from time to time. My grooves are pretty solid and I like to play all types of music.

Writing - Though more of a necessity than a hobby or skill, I take writing very seriously. Not just because my wife is a writer and forces me to, but because I prefer to get my idea out there as clear and concise as possible.

Painting - Yes, I paint. I don't do it very often but I get immersed when I do. It's like a hard drug you only do every few years and you never regret it.