I provide a wide range of modern web services, custom software development and project management services. The following is a list of my priced services and their detailed descriptions.

Web Hosting

Every website or web app must be hosted on a server. I provide hosting services and use the best rated server maintenance team in the US. My hosting service is a complete package and includes the following:

Hosting Costs

My current hosting rate is $50 per month with a 1 year service agreement. I have other charges for advanced content and special services which are outlined below.

Website Renovation

I specialize is modernising outdated websites. The modern web standards of design highly affect how relevant Google considers your site to be. All sites must have a responsive design to adapt to the various screen sizes of modern web capable devices. My training in web development started when these concepts we simply best practice, not immutable requirements, my skills are founded in modern practices. My designs are mobile first and highly responsive. If I can't update your current site, I will rewrite it from scratch using modern web standards.

Site Renovation Costs

Typically, I do not charge for a site renovation so long as it is part of a Hosting agreement. Without a hosting agreement, a site renovation is treated like a custom creation, which is described next.

Custom Site Construction

If you do not yet have a website, you need to get with the program! If you own a business, you must have a web presence. If you are an artist or performer, your exposure depends on it. I can work with you or your business to create a custom web site or application that goes above and beyond your basic static website.

Custom Site Costs

Custom site construction is broken down into a few packages each with their own costs. A Custom site requires a 1 year service agreement. The total cost of a custom site can be broken down into an installment plan. Other features and functionality can be added to any site and these cost are outlined below.

Standard package - $500 - This package includes the construction of a custom site that contains a standard set of pages. Usually: Home, About, Gallery, Detail Page, and Contact. The Detail page(s) can be anything from services to legal information. The basic package includes up to 10 different content pages.

Additional Pages - $50/page - Any number of content pages can be added to a site.

Basic Application Package - $750 - This package is identical to the Standard Package but, includes a simple database and administration application. This package is for businesses that need to update their site regularly with content like Blogs or News. Note: This package requires Database hosting and admin charges, described below.

Advanced Application Package - $varies - If you have a killer idea for a web application and no skills to complete it, I'm here for you. I can't exactly put a fixed price on something with so many unknowns. I am willing to negotiate my costs based on the app. I also provide a non-disclosure agreement so you know your idea is protected.

Database Hosting and Administration

Robust modern web applications are founded on a strong database of information. If you site requires a database, I offer hosting and administration services at a very low price compared to the local average.

Database Hosting Costs - $50/month - This is the standard fee for hosting and managing the database behind your website. This charge is added to a hosting package and requires a separate service agreement.

Project and Business System Services

I have many years of experience in many different fields and industries and am available to provide consulting services for your project or business. What does that mean exactly? Everything is a system or a group of parts that all have a specific job to do. My skillset has given me somewhat of an x-ray vision when it comes to creation and production of almost anything. My interests in science and engineering have given me a unique understanding of the world around me. There is almost no topic I am disinterested in and no type of work I can not understand and complete.

Project Consulting - $50/hour - If you or your business has an internal project that you are having trouble completing, let me know about it. I charge nothing for estimates and consultations so it never hurts to ask. If you hire me as a consultant, you get me, onsite at your project ready and available to help in any way possible. When you hire me as a consultant, you also get access to the vast network of skilled professionals I use to fill in any gaps in my skillset, at no extra cost.

Business Systems Consulting - $50/hour - If you feel as though you or your business could be more efficient at completing a regular task, let me know. I am a master of efficiency and business systems. If you think you could get something accomplished faster and cheaper, I will find a way to achieve it. I have reduced costs and time tables for every business system I have encountered. Best yet, if you hire me as a consultant and I fail to achieve the goals we set, you don’t have to pay me!

Service Guarantee

Simple, if you are not satisfied you don’t pay. I charge nothing upfront for any of my services, including web renovation and custom construction. I won’t bill you for anything until the job is done. No hidden fees, no upfront cost, no nonsense.