Hello World!

The American small business has changed dramatically since the advent of the internet. Even the smallest Mom and Pop shop now needs a strong web presence just to stay competitive. Even today the web is still mostly a magical entity that is barely understood by most of its users. Fortunately, there are a few folks like myself that have mastered the skills required to untangle the web and speak its various languages.

Zack Lawhon

I am independent professional web developer. Because I am independent, I do not have the overhead costs of a huge development firm, which means I can charge considerably less for the same services. I can also provide a higher quality of service and a better product. When you hire me for your project, you get me, not some subcontractor's assistant.

How can I help?

I provide a set list of priced services that can be found on the Services page. I also possess a broad set of skills that relate to small business systems and production methods. I am available for consulting and by-the-hour services for any need or project that fits my skill set.